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I can feel my brain expanding playing this game.


Fantastic game! Thanks!

There seems to be one or two OpenGL errors…

(Latest Firefox on Ubuntu, NVIDIA graphics)

I get this too -- it does not seem to have any adverse effects for me, though (everything that should be shown is shown).

I get very poor performance now whereas a month or two ago the performance was fine. I kinda figured it had something to do with these errors but I guess maybe not?


10/10 would bringris again


I've been enjoying this game a lot, it's a huge amount of fun! I feel like I've wrapped my head around the default mode, and I'm now trying to wrap my head around the alternative geometries.

But I have some friends who are sensitive to flashing lights who would like to play, but can't (because of the flashing colours when you clear a layer). Would it be possible to make a version without those flashes?


Sure, I can add such an option. So should the levels just disappear immediately? Or with a simpler animation when the level smoothly turns black?

I have no experience with people sensitive to flashing lights. In Bringris, the corners of the screen are also flashing (in some sense) while you  move the piece. And probably in some other situations, depending on what you have built and how you move. Is this not a problem for them? That would be more difficult to solve.

Bringris has been updated, and flashes can be disabled now.

I'm having trouble getting it to start :(

Yeah, sometimes people have problems running Bringris :( Not sure why, it is the same engine as HyperRogue, which does not seem to have such problems.

But they have reported that the game runs correctly with the "Vista compatibility mode" on -- have you tried that?


Mac version, please!

The lack of piece vertical piece rotations makes this game much harder than Blockout. After a while the only piece that could clear a level was a single vertical line or a piece with a downward projecting single cube. Those are rare enough that inevitably I have to cover holes just to keep going. It's like playing Tetris without being able to rotate and hoping that a line drops already pointing vertically.

Certain pieces could be rotated vertically. Any straight line could, and any piece with a single bend. The vertical 2x2 square couldn't, nor the horizontal four blocks in a tight curve. Removing any piece which contained those configurations, it would be possible to make a version of Bringis with Blockout-like rotation controls.

Thanks for playing Bringris and feedback!

While the lack of vertical rotations makes the game harder, the frequencies of various pieces have been adjusted to make it possible to play the game for a long time. Some players say that they can play almost indefinitely.

Added a Mac version (although it is quite slow on my old MacBook Air).

Thank you, and bought! There's a bit of weirdness with the packaging of the Mac executable, like an an extra layer of ".app" wrapping about the app. The extracted app wouldn't execute, but right-clicking it and choosing "show package contents" showed the proper app inside. I dragged that outside the inital app, and was able to launch it.


You had me at non-euclidean. love it! 

Thanks for playing!