HyperRogue 11.3: Frogs, Wetlands, and Mixing

While we have worked a lot on HyperRogue recently, we concentrated mostly on experimental features; for people interested in the classic, core non-Euclidean puzzle-roguelike gameplay, the most interesting thing is probably the lands, and there have been no new lands for some time. Version 11.3, released on Steam and itch.io, fixes this. It includes three new lands, and has many other feature and improvements!

The Orb of The Frog existed in HyperRogue for a long time, leading some players to wonder: if there is an Orb of the Frog, why are there no Frogs? The Frog Park answers these comtemplations. It introduces not one, but three species of magical Frogs, each with different moving capabilities!

Frog Park can be found when you have at least 30 (75 in Orb Strategy Mode) Dodecahedra, Tasty Jellies, and Onyxes in total.

There was a Land Ranking Poll in the HyperRogue discord server, and the only thing that everyone agreed on was that the Irradiated Field was amazing. There clearly should be more lands like this!

While most of about 70 lands in HyperRogue introduced unique mechanics (often unique not only to HyperRogue), the Irradiated Field combined many of them in a single land. The Eclectic City follows a similar approach, exhibiting terrain features from many other lands, from the unique electricity mechanics of the Land of Storms to wall switches from the Palace, from heights from the Red Rock Valley to melting walls from the Icy Land. Have fun!

Eclectic City can be found when you have at least 40 (100 in Orb Strategy Mode) Ice Diamonds, Fulgurites, Hypersian Rugs, and Silver in total.

After mechanically complex lands such as Irradiated Field or Eclectic City, Wetland comes out as relatively simple. Here, some tiles are passable both for you and the local aquatic beings, others are passable only for you, others are passable only for them, yet others not passable for anyone. Some people have definitely drowned in this treacherous area. Can you avoid their spirits, who want you to share their fate?

Wetland is available once you collect 30 treasures. Thanks to Teal Knight for the idea.

Other than the new lands, as usual, HyperRogue 11.3 includes many other new features!

The Clearing is now more satisfying, as you are given the actual numbers of Mutant Ivy Leaves that are destroyed by your attacks. Whenever you see someone claiming that some Euclidean game is the biggest game ever, or that some Euclidean game has the largest boss monsters, well, these number should make it clear how wrong they are. The size of the HyperRogue world, measured by the number of tiles that you can potentially explore in reasonable time (few hours), without filling up your RAM and without running into weird numerical issues is a number with over 7000 digits! (This specific figure is based on numerical issues; it would be easy to remove them without sacrificing performance, but that will not help with reasonable time or RAM, so there is no point, and any Euclidean infinite game will likely start acting weird at much less than 100 digits.)

The recent updates concentrated on the experiments with three-dimensional geometries, including non-isotropic geometries that are not yet well understood by mathematicians. This update continues this work by introducing some new tilings and new interesting quotient spaces, and new alternative rendering algorithms; while the usual HyperRogue gameplay is less suitable in a three-dimensional world (or is it four-dimensional?), these make for making cool geometry visualizations and work well in the racing mode!

Get HyperRogue version 11.3 from Steam or itch.io. As usual, the Steam version is updated more frequently, includes achievements and leaderboards, and extra modes such as the Strange Challenge. Mobile versions will be updated later. Join the HyperRogue Discord, follow ZenoRogue on Twitter, and have fun!


HyperRogue for Windows 64-bit 66 MB
Mar 08, 2020
HyperRogue for Windows 64bit (free) 66 MB
Mar 08, 2020
HyperRogue for Windows 32bit 78 MB
Version A113a Mar 08, 2020
HyperRogue for OSX (free) 75 MB
Version A113a Mar 08, 2020
HyperRogue for OSX 75 MB
Version A113a Mar 08, 2020
HyperRogue source 2 MB
Version A113a Mar 08, 2020
HyperRogue for Windows 32bit (free) 78 MB
Version A113a Mar 08, 2020
HyperRogue source (free) 3 MB
Version A113a Mar 08, 2020

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